Guiding Patients Through Root Canal Therapy in Coeur d’Alene, ID

The branch of dentistry called endodontics requires additional training and specialized skills in order to safely handle procedures like root canals, which address the care and treatment of dental pulp within each tooth. For that reason, it’s less common to find a general family dental practice that also handles endodontic care, but Dr. Delwyn Dick and his staff can handle root canal therapy and related endodontic services for patients in Coeur d’Alene. If you’re experiencing pain and discomfort in your teeth or jaw, it’s time to make an appointment in our office to address the possible causes. With the extra training and experience of our staff, we won’t have to refer you to another specialist. 

When a root canal becomes necessary for your oral health

A root canal is required when a tooth becomes infected or a large amount of decay exists within the nerve. The procedure itself removes the nerve so there is no feeling left in the tooth but the tooth itself remains in place for a full smile. In most cases, a final restoration of a crown is required after the root canal is complete to stabilize the tooth. While you can’t see the decay or infection inside a tooth, chronic pain, sensitivity, and inflammation around a specific tooth or teeth are signs there’s a deeper problem to examine.  

The kind of damage requiring a root canal can stem from poor oral hygiene in which bacteria has spread, but even something like a deep cavity, injury, or tooth fracture can start the process of internal decay. If you notice the warning signs but put off a trip to the dentist, the chance of non-invasive treatment becomes small and the likelihood of a root canal increases. Regular checkups and brushing and flossing regularly can prevent or stop infections so a root canal does not becomes your only option. 

Preparing for root canal therapy 

To complete a root canal procedure, our office offers anesthesia to minimize your discomfort and waiting time in the dentist’s chair. While you feel numb, our dentist will drill a small hole into the infected tooth to remove and clean diseased tissue inside. This stops the infection from spreading further and leaves the outside of your tooth intact. Then, we fill the hole with a stable, nontoxic composite to prevent another infection and seal up the hollow tooth.  

Enjoy a healthier smile 

Although it sounds intimidating, root canal therapy will pass quickly thanks to anesthesia and the work of our experienced team. In reality, the pain and discomfort of living with an advanced tooth infection is much more unpleasant than a short procedure in the office of Dr. Delwyn Dick. After the root canal, we recommend a friend or family member drive you home while the medication wears off. Once home, over-the-counter pain medication is recommended to eliminate any discomfort for a few days. 


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